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Hello, my name is Arjaree Veeraprach and I am the Marketing and Admissions Manager for Sydney School of Business and Technology and Apple Study Group. I would like to share my experience of being an International student in Australia.

I am from Khon Kaen, a beautiful, small, colourful city in northern eastern of Thailand and I came to Australia 17 years ago as an International student to study English and Higher Education. I started to learn English when I was in High school but my level was very minimal. After graduating from University in Thailand I decided to come to Australia to continue my studies.

After arrival!

I had no doubts, I would struggle with my English when I arrived in Sydney, Australia.  However, I realised that Studying English in Australia would be far better and more efficient compared with learning in my country. It took me sometime to adapt to a new environment.  The combination of Culture shock, a new place, new food, new friends and a new environment was challenging.

The first skill that I improved was cooking, I suddenly had to do everything for myself, no mom or dad helping anymore. Converting Thai Baht to Dollars was also a challenge. The Dollar is worth almost 30 times the rate of Thai Baht, I kept telling myself that I needed to save more!

Something I liked about being an International student!

I like the transportation system here, it is so convenient.  The Weather is the best. I can feel real winter!  However, as an International Student, we do not get any discount or concession on transportation fees.

The most difficult part of learning English is Writing.  I could not use or link all my beautiful words to make nice sentences. I decided to join a Writing task and wrote a lot of essays which helped me a lot to improve.  Someone said to me that if I wanted to improve my writing skills I should read a lot.  So, I started to do much more reading.

I never regretted making the decision to come and be a student in Australia. It was a good experience throughout.  Working at SSBT and Apple Study Group as Marketing and Admissions Manager is a bonus.  I can give an advice to other international students who are struggling as I once did. It is an advantage to speak 2 languages, so students I deal with can understand more

I wish that you all have a good time here in Australia and enjoy being an International Student!


Thank you


Marketing and Admissions Manager

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