As the financial year has just finished, we have entered the annual tax reporting peak season and the demand for accountants seems to be higher than ever. According to joboutlook.gov.au, accountant job growth is expected to be strong in the future, new jobs and turnover from workers leaving may create more than 50,000 job openings over next 5 years. Accountant’s have been on the list of eligible skilled occupations for residency visas in Australia.

If you have chosen an accounting major as your path to a career in business, put aside the fear of long hours of study and boring number crunching, always think about the many job opportunities out there and the bright future. Here are some tips for successfully studying in accounting.

Understand “Why” and “What”

Accounting is in truth, a social science subject, it is full of man-made rules that are not always self-evident, they must be learned by knowing why and how we make them work. If you look for logic or reason, you will lose focus. Always take the initiative to review study material and ask your teacher for clarification.

Master “How”

After “why” and “what”, you must be able to apply concepts and theories that you learn to resolve problems, compare any complications that are known with the reading material. Revisit previous chapters and notes to refresh your memory, revisit aspects that were difficult for you. Try to incorporate anomalies that match the assigned homework. In other words, practice, practice, practice!

Make best use of class time

Remember, class time is critical!

  • It is easier to KEEP UP than to CATCH UP
  • Classes are never interesting unless you TAKE PART, do not be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS.
  • Always be PREPARED before you go to class
  • Students who FAIL do so due to poor attendance, failing to pay attention during class, failing to do homework, and failing to ask for help when needed.

Stay focused and enjoy studying. Strive now to get a better future.

Chris Sze
Training Manager

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