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Australian students are choosing to study online and the trend increases year by year across all areas in each state. This trend is yielding significant benefits not only to vocational students but also to professionals who either aim to seek professional development or shift to a new career.

Study Online

Online learning has skyrocketed market share in the education industry. High school and college degree graduates, working professionals, business owners, and parents at home comprise of a large number of online learning students.

The convenience of studying anywhere at any time, at your own pace is an advantage. For most students, they enjoy the advantage of being able to check their lessons, do their assessments, research, and interact with others in their class at their own pace and time. There is no need for any major adjustments whether they are working, taking care of their children, or running a business as they can definitely combine these with studying. Online learning according to them is easier to balance and convenient, which is why most are also able to complete their courses on time or even earlier; in other words it’s so flexible.

They can now pick from Advanced Diplomas or Diplomas courses to Certificate or short courses in several area including: Accounting, Business, Management, Hospitality and Early Childhood Education & Care

SSBT offers student support service where a dedicated team of support staff provide assistance to online students. Services may range from giving advice to students about their studies, course progress, administrative matters, work placement, and more. Assistance may come in the form of phone calls, sms, emails, and chat. The aim of that support is for students to get extra help for them to stay on track to be able to successfully complete their course.


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