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BSB80615 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning)

Postgraduate Course |The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) provides a level classification from Certificate I, all the Way to the Graduate Diploma. An Advanced Diploma for example is considered a Level 6 qualification, Bachelor level 7 whereas a Graduate Diploma sits at Level 8. This means that the Graduate Diploma is a considerably more advanced qualification, incorporating high-level theoretical concepts and knowledge. That knowledge gained from a Graduate Diploma is often a prerequisite and the ideal pathway into further postgraduate study.

A Graduate Diploma in Management can feed directly into a Master’s degree without the need of having previously done a Bachelor Degree.


A Graduate Diploma in its delivery and content offers holistic development of your existing managerial skills. It can also further enhance your knowledge of business and strategic concepts.

A postgraduate qualification, such as a BSB80615 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning), can really set you apart from other students and open new doors/opportunities by increasing the chances of career progression. Our Trainers are highly qualified to guide you through the program at either our Sydney or Burwood campus locations!

While we’re all aware of your busy schedule, we also know the most difficult thing is finding the time to study. Studying online course provides you with flexibility and support, including time management advice, to help you balance your personal commitments with study. Fast-track your learning and manage your time efficiently by studying at your own pace our NEW BSB80615 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning).

Postgraduate Course

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