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5 qualities of successful project managers



Project Management Course | Congratulations! You have just gained your qualification in Project Management, but is this enough to secure your success as a project manager?

Great project managers bring so much more than technical knowledge to the project as they necessarily must in order to make the project work.

Project Management Course

Every project has one common denominator – people!

Victory goes to the project manager who has both qualifications AND essential qualities to manage her team.

Great project managers:


1.Inspire a shared vision

Any project undertaken has at its core a ‘problem’ needing a solution. The solution is often an idea or a vision of how things could be. The success of any project is ultimately determined by many factors, however, there is one factor that must be addressed even before the project begins; the ‘buy-in’ of all stakeholders involved. Everyone involved must ‘believe’ that the project is worth doing, the project manager must be able to inspire stakeholders of his/her vision of the final outcome. Inspiration guarantees that every participant will be engaged in the project 100%.


2.Communicate effectively

Communication is the backbone of every successful project. Every project has people with various skill sets working on it and every person must be able to understand what is expected of them and more importantly share information across departments. The project manager must be a skilful communicator. They will possess the ability to tailor communication to different people in a way that is suitable for that person. When it comes to communication, one method does not suit all. The project manager must be well versed in all modes of communication and be able to utilise different technology to deliver the communication.


3.Have the courage to make decisions

Often times there will be contrasting ideas, by different stakeholders, presented to the project manager in regards to the best way forward. At these times the project manager must be able to make a decision. The decisions made along the way will impact the project outcomes in many ways, it is crucial that the project manager makes decisions and makes good decisions that will ensure a positive outcome. Not making decisions will only create delays and may jeopardize the success of the project. This requires good judgement by the project manager based on sound knowledge and facts.


4.Work well under pressure

Managing multiple tasks at once and a team of people (with different requirements) under a tight schedule is often what the project manager faces on a daily basis. This amount of pressure can be relatively stressful. The ability for the project manager to manage the pressure and stress in a calm and orderly way is crucial to instil confidence in his team and not undermine the certainty of the outcome. The project manager, as the leader of the project, sets the ‘mood’ of the project’s operating environment. Everyone involved in the project will be looking to the project manager for assurance and certainty that things are under control, and should any obstacles or issue arise, these can be resolved swiftly.


5.Have the technical expertise

Notwithstanding the qualities mentioned above, if the project manager is not suitably qualified or lacks the technical expertise to manage resources, the project will fail. Technology has advanced in a way that makes it easy to monitor and control the progress of any project, large or small. There are many programs that can help facilitate any number of resources, whether it be time, budgets or people. It is essential that the project manager knows how to use these programs and relevant technology. It will make the running of the project efficient and allow communication to flow effortlessly.


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