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Your experience of living, working and studying in Australia will be enriched as your English language skills improve. Living in a culture where English is the main spoken and written language will immediately challenge you to improve your English. Daily tasks such as finding your way around in a new country, buying food, meeting people and making new friends will be challenging initially, becoming easier as you become more proficient in English.


You can find many opportunities in everyday life to improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills but enrolling in an English course will provide specific language instruction. A small group which can cater to individual learning needs is an ideal way to improve your English skills rapidly. A general English course will help you to learn English for everyday situations and work environments. It will also teach you skills important to working in Australia – how to apply for jobs and some basic formats for writing tasks required at work.


If you plan to study at an Australian University, there are specific English skills which will help you to succeed. It’s important that you can take notes from lectures or readings relevant to your course. You will also need to complete written assessments and perhaps give presentations. Learning specific English skills relevant to studying will help you transition into University study successfully.


Many Universities, including those in Australia, require international students, and students from a non-English speaking background to complete the IELTS test prior to enrollment. The IELTS test includes listening, speaking, reading and writing components in a set format. For example, the speaking component involves a one-on-one conversation with an examiner. Prior to undertaking the IELTS test, you can enrol in and study a preparation course specifically designed to give you the skills to satisfactorily complete the test. This course will also provide opportunities to complete practice tests in a realistic setting.


SSBT, in conjunction with Apple Study Group, offers three English courses specifically designed for multicultural students to improve their English. It also has a wide range of online resources available to you while you study – these give ideas and opportunities for you to practice your English skills daily.


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