Three tips to studying successfully online


At SSBT we have many beneficial online subjects and courses, catered to students who live remotely, have pressing commitments professionally and personally, and for those who cannot attend classes at one of our two campuses, in Sydney CBD or our Burwood campus.


We take great pleasure in offering an abundance of courses online, including hospitality management courses, accounting courses, Business Administration courses, Management courses, IT courses , Post graduate programs and early childcare courses. We understand that e-learning isn’t easy for everyone, and we have compiled three tips to ensure your studies online will be highly successful.


1.Dedicate time for your study

Studying online is highly beneficial for individuals with limited free time, as it’s easy to utilise flexibility between other high priority commitments to complete the course work. However, without setting aside regular time for online lectures and completion of both written and practical assessments it will severely disadvantage a student’s progress and ability to complete the course.

We recommend allocating a firm yet convenient time each week dedicated solely to complete course work. This time may need to be extended during parts of the course that require assessment completion, or any face to face assignments, the specifics of which are course dependant.


  1. Set yourself up a classroom

A student will benefit from a space within their home, office or local library that is used solely for study. Courses with complex logic and reasoning, such as our accounting courses, require high levels of focus, attention and regular reviewing of the study material. Without the structure of the formal classroom and the physical presence of instructors, a student can become easily distracted when the need for focus is great.

We recommend creating a singular space that is just for study, that is free of distraction and can be dedicated solely to the student’s work.


  1. Prioritise deadlines and knowledge

Online study is one of the most demanding and rewarding tests of a student’s time management ability. Self-paced learning, as most online study tends to be, means a student needs to be able to prioritise the deadlines of assignments, complete basic homework tasks by the next lecture, and be able to self-co-ordinate this with other commitments.

Basic organisation is key to learning online, a student needs to manage a successful weekly diary of tasks all the while absorbing the content of the course, allowing them to build the skills to successfully work in their chosen industry.

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