Preparing for Work Placement For Your Childcare Course

Preparing for Work Placement For Your

Childcare Course

Preparing for Work Placement For Your Childcare Course

Early Childhood Education is one of the most popular and diverse fields of study we offer at SSBT, and each year we proudly support students navigating their way into the professional childcare workplace.


Before a student completes their childcare course, whether it be through our online options or at one of our beautiful campuses, they experience firsthand what it’s like to be an active employee in the childcare industry through workplace placement. However, while some students thrive in this experience, others find it daunting, and we have prepared our recommendations on how to accurately prepare for this important endeavour.


Understand the balance with your existing life


The majority of our students already experience highly diverse and active lives outside of their studies, and an extended period of work placement can be disrupting for some. During this time, it’s essential to create a balance between your short-term placement commitment, with what you have existing. This could include:


– Work Commitments – if you hold a full time or part-time job, you may need to apply for leave or reschedule your work hours accordingly

– Home Commitments – if you have children, you are a caregiver, or the every-day expectations of running a home may need reorganising to suit your altered hours

– Study Commitments – assignments, ongoing projects, and study for other coursework will still need attention during this time


Find the right centre for you


The work placement experience will be a far smoother and enjoyable one when you are working at a childcare centre that you have hand-picked, and that suits your current commitments.


With so many childcare centres spread across the country, there will no doubt be one close to you, or your work, allowing you to manage your time between your commitments better. We highly recommend you visit the childcare centre before you begin placement, to introduce yourself, tour the facility, present your resume to them, and familiarise yourself with the staff.


Understand Your Expectations


Following on from the above recommendation, visiting the childcare centre before the beginning of placement will ensure you are prepared for the centre’s expectations of you during this time.


Every centre will be different; some centres will require you to work certain hours, wear particular clothes or uniform, present yourself in a certain manner, and provide certain details about your background and medical history.

Work Placement For Your Childcare Course

Understanding what is expected of you will ensure a smooth transition during this time, and will allow you to get the best learning and development experience.

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