Recognising the importance of study breaks

Recognising the importance of study breaks

Taking a break from your study mightn’t seem as important as the study itself. However, it can play a vital part in maximising your learning. Whether you’re studying online or at either our Sydney CBD or Burwood campuses, study sessions can be intense. A relaxing break reduces stress while enabling you to retain information better. So, what’s the best way to take that break? Here are 4 effective ways to approach it.


  1. Short, regular breaks are best

Completing assignments or studying for exams can raise anxiety levels. Short breaks every 60 or 90 minutes will turn that stress into positive energy, giving you recharge and a refocus. We’re all different so you can be flexible with the length of those breaks, they can be a little shorter or a little longer. Some studies suggest 15 minutes is a good length.


  1. Be active.

Move, stretch, go for a short walk, take a shower. Gentle activity during these breaks, after long periods of sitting still, will give you that extra added boost.


  1. Healthy diet, healthy mind

Don’t launch into study sessions on an empty stomach. A nutritious snack before you commence is recommended. Keep a glass or bottle of water by your side and keep hydrated.


  1. Music—not TV, video gaming or social media

A TV program, gaming and checking up on social media are mental distractions. They can lure you too far out of the learning zone. Listen to a favourite piece of music instead, perhaps even dance. Once again, you’re releasing tension before getting back to the books.


The short study break is an important part of the overall process.


You are replenishing your mind and body. This, in turn, will enhance your productivity during study, regardless of the subject, whether it’s a childcare course, an English course, marketing and communication, hospitality, or other. No matter the industry in which you go to work, learning to pace yourself and maintain your energy will ensure you perform to your very best. It’s a study skill, but it’s also a job skill and a life skill.


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