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Currently, the hospitality industry has a job vacancy rate of about 28%. The shortage is caused by the unwillingness of younger Australians to work in the industry as well as the retirement of older workers. Hence, to those willing to give the sector a try, the future looks bright. With the skills discussed below, your career advancement is limited only by your ambition.


  1. Effective communication


It is a people-to-people industry. There’s hardly a moment where you’ll not be communicating with another person, guests or colleagues. The ability to communicate well is probably the most essential skill you need to succeed in the industry.


  1. Teamwork


Positive guest experience is a team effort. Upon arrival, the concierge, receptionist and cocktail waiter have the responsibility of creating a good first impression. Unless they are able to work together as one, it matters little how helpful the concierge was. To this end, your ability to work effectively as a member of a team is important.


  1. Grace under pressure


A key characteristic of an excellent hospitality employee is his/her ability to work under pressure. It is a ‘now’ industry. Every request is expected to be met immediately after it has been asked. Amidst the chaos of requests and complaints, staying calm is important. It helps if you have received the right training as well as possess the skill set to do the job well.


  1. Empathy


In every people-to-people industry, placing yourself in the shoes of the customer is helpful in attending to a situation. Things always look different from the opposite side. So the first step in attempting to help the other person is always to look at it from their perspective. Showing empathy can suggest to the other person you are listening to them. That can be a tension diffuser.


The hospitality industry is expected to grow steadily in the next 3 years. But there are strong headwinds. As such, having well-trained staff will boost the industry’s ability to meet these challenges and prosper. Visit any one of our campuses to learn more about the hospitality courses we offer.

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