How to know if vocational training is for you

Everyone learns differently and it can be almost impossible to decide which type of study is the best for you. Of course, whether a vocational school is for you depends largely on the type of career you want to enter. There are all sorts of options open to you, be it a Childcare course, Hospitality course, Project Management course, Marketing and Communications course or Commercial Cookery course; if you are interested in something practical, vocational training may be the best choice for you.


What is the difference between vocational and higher learning?


Vocational courses tend to be significantly more practical, providing you with skills that can be directly applied to your chosen career. Higher education leans towards theory. For those of us who learn by doing, vocational courses can be an excellent alternative to coursework and written exams. Where higher learning is based upon a purely academic model, vocational courses work with the apprenticeship model.


Practical learning


We all learn in different ways, but a lot of studies have proven that many of us absorb practical learning more efficiently. Practical learning found in vocational courses will often be more flexible, varied and adaptable than many forms of higher or academic learning. Practical courses allow tutors to tailor to the individual rather than expecting everyone to absorb information in a similar manner. Many of us have had our learning style limited by the structure of school, but vocational learning can be a great way to explore your mind and your own learning methods.


Choosing a Course


Vocational training is often great for those of us who would like to enhance an already beloved hobby or skill. For example, if you love cooking and would like to move into the professional sector, Commercial Cookery may be for you. Or if you have a passion for event planning and the public sector then Hospitality or Marketing may appeal. This is also for those of us who are already in a career but would benefit from further training and qualifications. This is where courses such as Project Management or Marketing and Communication can be extremely useful. No matter your passion, you will likely find a course that suits you.

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