Why a vocational course might suit you

The modern world for a job seeker can be overwhelming. In our ever-changing world in which school, university and sometimes even real job experience can leave you under-qualified. Employers are seeking only the best person for the job, and if you lack experience or qualifications, you will lose out every time. This leaves many people in the position of taking on unpaid work to build experience, costing them a healthy work-life balance as well as the income they need to thrive. However, there is a way to become job-ready, and it doesn’t have to be with an unpaid internship. Vocational training may well be the answer you have been seeking.


Vocational training can be undertaken either as part of, or post, secondary school. These courses provide learners with all the skills and knowledge they need to be employed in their chosen industry. For example, rather than scrambling to build your experience in hospitality, you can start a job straight out of secondary school with experience already under your belt with a hospitality course. But also remember that it’s never too late to study vocational courses in Sydney; it can even be an important part of up-skilling yourself in your current role.


Here at SSBT, we offer a wide variety of vocational training courses to suit your individual needs. All employers are seeking industry-ready employees. With vocational training at SSBT, you can be certain that you are building the skills and knowledge required to be hired in today’s world. While there are many aspects of a job that can be learnt on the go, coming in with a wide knowledge base before starting work makes for a much better relationship with your employer.


If it’s university qualifications that you seek, vocational training may still be the right choice. We support our students with direct pathways to higher education opportunities. This means that vocational training can not only get you that long-awaited job but can also take you onto higher education and the ability to pursue your passions.


If vocational training sounds the like the right fit for you, here at Sydney School of Business and Technology we will have a course to suit your needs.

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