Determining when eLearning

is best for you


Determining when eLearning is best for you

At the Sydney School of Business and Technology, we are lucky enough to extend a variety of study options to our students, allowing people from outside of Sydney to enjoy vocational courses from the comfort of their own home. We acknowledge that this style of study doesn’t suit everybody, so let’s discuss when eLearning may prove to be an optimal choice for your circumstances, helping you decide the best educational delivery for you. ENROL NOW

Work/life balance

eLearning is easily one of the most flexible styles of education, as it allows the student to choose when and how they will process the course work, and complete the educational outcomes. Attending physical classes, structured at regular times each week, can prove challenging for those with permanent, full-time employment, those with young families, or for those with added pressures, such as acting as carers for loved ones. With increased flexibility of time, eLearning students find themselves able to study at times best suited to them, resulting in less compromise of their study and other commitments.

Location restrictions

Physical location barriers often pose problems for most rural communities, primarily due to the inner-city location of larger educational organisations such as ours. Students in remote areas or with limited access to transport are highly encouraged to take advantage of eLearning. This style of learning option benefits them immensely, allowing them to continue to live and work while studying remotely. Though most of our vocational courses require some face-to-face contact, we endeavour to limit the amount to best cater to location restrictions.

Ample access to technology

It’s virtually impossible to study online without the basic components of digital learning; these essentials include a working computer and sound internet connection, allowing the student to login to coursework and complete the educational outcomes efficiently. For the best learning ability, it’s best to have access to such technology in the home, rather than relying on resources such as a library that are only available within restricted hours.

When eLearning is best avoided

Though some of our vocational courses offer both on-campus and online learning options, eLearning isn’t always appropriate for everyone. As everyone has their learning style, each student needs to evaluate the learning method suited to them, choosing a course delivery method they can sustain and feel comfortable involving themselves in.

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