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How can a project management course

help you get ahead in your career?

Did you know that in the next ten years the need for project managers is set to soar by up to 33%? [] In areas such as manufacturing and construction, project managers are needed to set the scope of projects, oversee each phase and ensure their team delivers. The skills obtained whilst studying project management include leadership, planning, and budgeting and are all essential in executing a project. Those able to demonstrate competency in these areas increase their chances of employment greatly.

We’re taking a look at how studying project management can help you advance in your career:

Project management is held in high regard by employers

Holding a qualification in project management will signal to employers that you possess a wide range of skills geared towards fulfilling business objectives. Many commercial projects have stakeholders to be managed, goals to meet and risks to be assessed. Learning these skills will enable you to deliver projects within a timely banner whilst sticking to a stringent budget.

Plan efficiently and set objectives

Whilst studying for your qualification in project management, you will learn how to plan out a project and set achievable goals and objectives. Taking into account resources, time, and budgets, you will also understand the importance of efficient planning, managing cost and utilising all of the resources available throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Learn leadership skills to effectively manage teams and stakeholders

Advanced communication and leadership skills will help you to manage and engage your team. Your project management course will provide you with the skills to coordinate a team, and manage stakeholders effectively. By sharpening your communication skills, you will learn how to utilise the human resources available to you by delegating responsibility and monitoring input from team members and stakeholders.

Manage resources more efficiently

Managing resources efficiently and effectively is one of the most fundamental aspects of project management. Understanding how to utilise time, finances, human and material resources will allow you to deliver a project in a timely manner and in line with a set budget, making your competencies with resources management extremely valuable to potential employers.

Whether you’re just starting out, or ready to take your career to the next level, at Sydney School of Business and Technology we’ve got a Project Management course for you.

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