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With technology a big part of our lives today, it seems natural to pursue a qualification in it. The language of the future workplace is AI, bots, algorithm and automation. You can’t be ignorant of any of them. Having said that, there is a training and qualification that transcends time and the socioeconomic environment – marketing. In this article, we list the reasons you should consider acquiring a marketing degree.

1. Listen to be heard

The best marketers are excellent listeners. Their ability to pick out the general trend of sentiment and conversations amongst people is what distinguishes them from others in the workplace. More importantly, they can differentiate facts from noise. This is handy in the cluttered and noisy business environment companies have to operate in these days.

2. Better decision-making

Marketers are adept at joining the dots. Marrying insights and foresight, marketers are known to make decisions that others may hesitate over. It’s not just being about being creative or reliant on entrepreneurial acumen. They are trained to dive deep into the information given to them. And with the advanced analytical tools present today, they can only become better at it.

3. Be sensitive and sensible

There’s so much happening out there, change is the only constant variable. But in those changes are gems to be turned into opportunities, ideas and innovation. A good marketer takes it upon himself/herself to be aware of what’s happening in politics, society and culture – in essence, around people’s lives – not just the industry they are in. It’s their hunting ground.

4. Foster good communication

It is the marketer’s job to rally the troops behind an idea. But this can happen only if he is able to communicate and convince them of the idea, plan or strategy. As such, one of the components of marketing education is communication, more specifically communicating to be understood. Be they internal or external stakeholders, the marketer has to sell to all.

Looking at the list above, you’ll notice the universal application of marketing skills and training. With technology a central feature in marketing, the marketer has more firepower than before to make an impact in the organisation. Find out more about our marketing and communications degree program here [].

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