Why study in a regional area?

Do information technology and telecommunications fascinate you? Are you driven to learn how networks function? Would you like to perform a vital role in the information economy?


Sydney School of Business and Technology can help you turn your interest into an in-demand career.


Our Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering will equip you with the technical skills to work in the information technology and telecommunications sector.


The diploma is an industry relevant course, designed to teach you the real-world technical skills the sector requires.


Careers in the information technology and telecommunications sector have a number of benefits:


  • Demand


The technological infrastructure that underpins the information economy is the vital bedrock of our era.


Our digital society is dependent on high-functioning technological and communications systems.


This means that the industry is a steady sector for employment (Australian Industry and Skills Committee, 2019).


Continuing technological change and advancements within the sector mean that adaptable specialists possessing core skills are in solid demand.


A qualification from SSBT will provide you with essential knowledge and skills, ensuring that you are job-ready for the sector.


  • Variety


Job opportunities in the sector include a lot of variety. Roles and environments range from working as industry contractors to positions with large telecommunications companies.

On completion of the SSBT Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering, you will be prepared to work in a number of positions ranging from telecommunications officers and planners, to network engineers and designers.


Your learning at SSBT


At SSBT, we design our educational programs to meet your needs.


The Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering is delivered partly face-to-face and partly online using our online learning system MOODLE.


This combined delivery structure means you benefit from the important interpersonal learning components by learning directly from your trainers and working alongside your fellow students, with the flexibility of online access.


We also make sure that your study is fully supported by providing highly qualified and experienced trainers from multicultural backgrounds, and additional support for students with language barriers.


Find out more about the SSBT Advanced Diploma of Telecommunications Network Engineering at the course page.


Australian Industry and Skills Committee (1 Nov 2019), Telecommunications Technology Employment Snapshot, www.nationalindustryinsights.aisc.net.a

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