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Happy returns, students!

Studying away from your college or learning from home must have been a norm since the start of this COVID-19 pandemic but say goodbye to your own classroom at home because it’s time to say hi to onshore schooling!

Earlier this year, the ​​​​​Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs announced that Australia is now opening its borders to international students who wish to study there. It has been known that due to COVID 19 restrictions, many students chose to adopt flexible learning while face-to-face learning is restricted. There are also international students enrolled in SSBT who are patiently waiting to step their feet on the school premises and experience the SSBT college life and now, the long wait is over! Australia is finally welcoming back international students!

Approximately 7000 international students arrived in the country just a few weeks ago and it has been recorded that a total of 56,000 international students were back last year. Due to a huge surge of international students coming back, there was a strong demand for visa applications. Granting visas to international students now requires a longer wait due to additional processes that international students are required to undergo to ensure safety in this pandemic.

If you are currently processing your visa or if you are now waiting for your visa to be granted, you can opt for E-learning while waiting. If you are currently enrolled in SSBT and are planning to study onshore, be sure to cater your visa and other documents needed for you to be granted to enter the country. Nothing’s more exciting than meeting your classmates and teachers in school as it gives you the college life you always wanted to experience!

Fun fact: Australia is the 2nd country in the world with the most international students and in SSBT, 90% of the students are from overseas so, we couldn’t be more grateful to welcome a huge volume of learners back!

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