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There are decisions in life that take us somewhere meaningful and unexpectedly fulfilling. After deciding to study again despite having a job, Ching Chin Hu set her eyes on some prospective vocational colleges in Australia but shortly after meeting with an agent, she chose a college that checks the boxes and just knew that it was the perfect institution for her.

According to her friends, Ching Chin naturally loves children. She finds it a good environment to be with young children with pure hearts around her and these cute funny little children just bring out the best in her. She loves to show love and care when she’s at the childcare center and that’s where she realized that she’s suitable for looking after children.

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Here, Ching Chin shares her confessions on her experiences with studying the Child Care course in SSBT and how it helped her to develop into an effective child educator. 

“I told my agent that I wanted to enroll in a good college that cares about the students and cares about the learning. There were few options as to where I should enroll but my agent strongly recommends the Sydney School of Business and Technology because they have a long experience teaching international students and at that time, I just knew it was the perfect choice for me.”

What are your common struggles studying in a foreign country?

“Actually, it was so difficult. Most of the time, I struggled with keeping my work and studies together. Organizing my time with what I do for a living and with placements and online study, it’s not easy at all. I have to study hard so that I will know how to work in childcare centers properly and I have to earn for myself too but with proper time management, everything was bearable.”

“Also, SSBT has been very helpful to me in managing those struggles. Initially, they will send us the schedule for work placement beforehand so that we can prepare. When things go out of hand, we can tell our trainers about our situation, and they have been so understanding. Everyone in my class like my classmates, we’re always helping each other.  If I don’t know how to do it or I find it difficult, they’ve been always there to help.”

What do you think is something special in SSBT?

“SSBT is quite special and a good environment to be in. No judgment but I heard other colleges rush learners and don’t really listen to students, and I don’t like that. Especially because, I am studying Childcare and I need to care for the little children, so I think showing care to us students is important. The children, they all learn from us while we are learning from our trainers in SSBT and I can teach young children properly because SSBT is very serious in looking after us too. In every assessment and placement, my trainers always give me time and space in doing my studies and have been very supportive when I have questions. “

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What is your favorite experience in SSBT?

“We are currently in online class always, but I have met with my classmates because we have to do first aid and CPR training together and it was fun. Also, my favorite experience is working in childcare centers. It’s my first time to see a lot of kids around me like over 100 a day and it is so fun. At first, I’m kind of worried because I don’t know how to do it and I don’t understand what they were talking about because some of them don’t know how to speak yet. Sometimes it is really confusing but I always engage with the children to understand them better. It is difficult in some ways and I need to be calm always If I don’t know how to deal with something, I always ask my trainer, childcare supervisor or classmates. It is a tough experience, but it is a good one. I like working with children because they’re so pure and funny.”

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How was it studying in SSBT taking the Childcare course?

“All the trainers we’re very good teachers. Just like I said, they all have experience with teaching international students, so they quite understand us and know our situation very well. Communication has been very easy too because they understand us and some people in SSBT also speak my language and they have multi-cultural staff. The trainers, they know how to teach the way we students can understand and they won’t waste your time. They don’t pressure students and they’re so patient too. “

Why did you choose the childcare course in SSBT?

“Before, I had no idea what course to take but my friends and the people around me who know my personality very well, they think that I’m suitable to look after the children. I also want to improve myself in showing love, care and patience to children which is very important and that is also the reason why I studied the course.”

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In what way has SSBT helped you improve yourself as a child educator?

“First, they have been so open and easy to contact if I encounter any issues or problems with assessment and placement.  The people in SSBT are very helpful and they know how to respect students regardless of who you are. I have learned a lot in SSBT in connection with what I’m doing in childcare centers. I learned how to properly act around children, and I learn how can I become an effective educator to them. Thanks to SSBT, I improved myself in doing what I love. Ever since I studied childcare course in SSBT, whenever I’m walking on the streets, I always look at the children first and I want to give them good education by showing them love and care. “

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What can you say on people planning to study in SSBT?

“ I always recommend SSBT to my friends or to the people I know because I had such great experience with this institution. I like studying in a school that cares about the students and cares about the knowledge we want to gain. That’s why I like SSBT. I think I’m lucky because my classmates, trainers, and everyone around me in SSBT has been very respectful. You really learn something that may be helpful in the near future. For me, enrolling in SSBT was worth it that’s why I always recommend to others to study in SSBT.”

Overall, how does SSBT feels like and what do you like about SSBT?

“SSBT made me feel loved and respected. I’m an international student but they made me feel at home. They show me enough care and gave me freedom. I am learning every single time not just on books but also from the experiences of my trainers. I’m always thankful in SSBT for allowing me to improve as a child educator and have a good career.”

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