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Smart & Skilled Subsidised Courses with SSBT

Vocational College | SSBT has been granted the right to deliver high-quality training for students in NSW in the courses below, under the Smart and Skilled reform.

All NSW students who are citizens, permanent residents or humanitarian visa holders can access this government subsidised program to help make your course much more affordable.

Regardless of the level of any previous qualifications held, a resident is able to access subsidised Smart and Skilled training up to Certificate III level. This means that even if you have a higher-level qualification than this, you may still be eligible to re-train to return to the workforce.

You can also enrol in subsidised training at Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level, depending on the availability of funding for these courses.

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Smart and Skilled is a reform of the NSW vocational education and training system. It gives people the chance to gain the qualifications and skills they need to get a job and advance their careers.

Trainees and Apprentices

Are you returning to the workforce after a long break, maybe bringing up a family?  SSBT courses can give you the confidence and skills you need to get back into the workforce, give you help with your career direction and new vocational skills.

Or, are you already qualified in a vocation but looking for training to take you further?

Perhaps you’ve recently arrived in Australia and wish to have your overseas qualifications recognised?

With accredited courses and supportive teachers, we can help you build on your existing qualifications.

How to get a Traineeship or Apprenticeship

A traineeship or apprenticeship is a job combined with structured training. You must first find an employer who agrees to employ you as a trainee. Then, contact an Australian Apprenticeships Centre to establish the traineeship and apprenticeship.

NSW residents may be eligible for fee-free training for up to Certificate III level, if approved under the Smart & Skilled program.

For more information on traineeship and apprenticeships or the location of your closest Australian Apprenticeships Centre, visit the State Training Services NSW website or call 13 38 73.

Benefits to the Trainee

As a trainee, you would acquire valuable work experience and a nationally recognised qualification. By undertaking your studies with SSBT, you will be able to fit your study program into your workplace schedule.

During your studies, SSBT will be able to provide you with support by phone, mail, fax, email, and through site visits.

What is the Job Network?

Job Network providers are aligned with Government (Centrelink) services, providing in-person help to get anyone (with the correct visa) a job. Once you’re registered, most will offer free resume writing, career counselling, interview skills, possible work trials and free use of their computers for searching. 

Some handy services in the vicinity include:

Salvation Army Employment Plus

Help Agency – Burwood

JobFind Centre

Hays Personnel Centre (a private recruitment agency)


Recognition of Prior Learning

If you already have a wealth of work and study experience, these skills may be assessed and recognised for your current study. This means you don’t have to re-learn what you already know and may be able to finish a course in less time. For more information, please check our Skills Recognition Policy

For in-depth details, see Training Services NSW: Recognition of Prior Learning information.

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