Prospective Early Childhood Educators

Prospective Early Childhood Educators have been working hard throughout this term learning and gaining essential knowledge to become the next high-quality teachers in the industry, whilst others are out of college on their work placement developing new skills and displaying these new abilities to prospective employers.

In many cases, our students have been offered casual and part-time work opportunities, we are happy to announce that Wee Shii (Vinnie) has been offered a position at her centre, she has applied her skills and knowledge and has done exceptionally well, Congratulations to her.

We would like to welcome our Group 1 and Internship who have started their course and are well on their way to becoming high achievers.

We would also like to welcome Claire and Kamani who have joined our team to teach our wonderful students. Claire and Kamani have extensive knowledge in the industry and a passion to share their experiences. The year is flying and we are coming to the end of Term 3, let’s hit the end of term on a high note and enjoy a well-deserved break.

Course Coordinator
Patricia Stagnitta