Student Support Services

Student Welfare


Social Activities

  • Play games.  Our student common rooms are the place to relax and play foosball, table tennis, or air hockey with friends.
  • BBQ.  Join your friends and teachers to cook a snag or kebab on the Barbecue.
  • Celebrate religious festivals and special occasions with us, the teachers, and your classmates. It doesn’t matter which religion or festival, we treat each one as special and fun.
  • Partying!  It’s nice to study, but you can blow off the stress with some music, drinks, and jokes with all of us here.
  • Graduation. Our graduation ceremony will leave you with cherished memories and deserving reward for work well done.
  • Social media activities. Keep up-to-date and connected with our social media activities on Facebook.


Academic Assistance

It’s important you feel capable of completing the course. That’s why our monitoring systems will identify students who are facing difficulty in making successful progress in their course. These students will be offered an academic assistance service to address their roadblocks.

See our Training Administrator during office hours to discuss your academic issues.


Personal Counselling Services

We understand students may need assistance in any number of issues, which may or may not be directly involved with their studies. For any specific needs, we have staff to listen to your problems, to assist where necessary and to guide accordingly.

During office hours, students can see our Student Contact Officer on counselling issues. SSBT also have arrangements in place where students can have access to professional personal counselling, if the contact officer recommends this.


Job Ready

Our student support team will assist students with advice on how to apply for jobs, practical interview techniques, writing a resume, and finding and using the local job network providers.


Work Placements

Support to find work placements

For students who are undertaking a Commercial Cookery, Hospitality Management or Childcare course, SSBT will provide assistance in finding some form of employment as part of the course work placement requirement.

The work placement duration will vary according to the course, so please see the course description.

Please contact the Training Manager for more information.


Orientation Day

We have freshmen orientation day before school starts, usually 1 week prior to your course start date. These orientations are held so that students become familiar with school policies, procedures, staff, and the school environment.

Collect your class schedule, get a school identification card, pick up your textbook list, and meet your new teachers.

Orientation is an ideal time to meet fellow students and even make some new friends. It’s also a good opportunity to locate your classrooms.



Enjoy a day out with classmates, arranged in a group beforehand. Here are some places we would suggest visiting:

  • Visit Cockatoo Island by ferry
  • Visit Powerhouse Museum (near Darling Harbour)
  • Walk to Darling Harbour
  • Attend a Trade expo of interest
  • Centennial Park, Randwick
  • Bicentennial Park, Homebush Bay

Settling Services 

On settling in Australia, you’ll be able to finally get yourself set with a mobile phone plan and/or phone, a bank account with online access, and prepare for some work. This involves getting a Tax File Number, which is imperative for all employees.

If running a business yourself, you’ll need an ABN (Australian Business Number) – e.g. to work for Uber.

Find out how to:

  • Open a bank account
  • Buy a mobile phone plan
  • Apply for a Tax File Number from Aust. Tax Office
  • Apply for an ABN from Australian Business Register
  • Apply for a USI Unique Student Identifier

For a list of contact details please click here