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Below are frequent questions asked to us regarding everything about our institution. Please refer to this as this may be helpful in answering questions in your mind.

· Where is the school located?

Sydney School of Business and Technology is in Level 4, 4 Railway Pde, Burwood NSW 2134 Australia.

· What courses does SSBT offer?

SSBT offers more than 25 courses, mostly in Child Care, Hospitality, Information Technology, Management and Leadership, Accounting and English, Post-Graduate and Short Courses for Jobs. For the full list, see Courses

· What kind of school is SSBT?

SSBT is a private vocational college that offers training and education of above minimum quality. What makes SSBT better than any college is that they place students to real work as part of the course and students are job ready thanks to the guidance of SSBT student support team with job applications, interviews etc,

· Can you tell me more about the school?

Sydney School of Business and Technology (SSBT) has been the first choice for many local and international students looking for an excellent vocational education college. The school meets the needs of students, employers, and industries, which is increasingly important in an advancing technological world.

· How much does this school cost?

The tuition fee and all other fees differ based on the course. SSBT gives various payment options and plans. For more information, visit Fees or connect with us through chat and we will send the amount of the fee for your specific course of choice.

Visit our website and check course information including the fees. Provide the Course link.

· How long do courses take?

Course duration varies. Usually, courses take 4 to 8 terms or longer up to 12 terms. Visit the site to check on the course information including duration

· How to enroll in this school?

Click on this and fill in Application Form Complete the online application. SSBT will assess your completed application. If you meet academic requirements, a conditional or unconditional Offer Letter will be issued along with an acceptance offer form.

For international students, please refer to International Student Enrollment Procedure  for further instructions.

· Is SSBT accepting international students?

Yes, SSBT has been a home to international students from various countries around the world. International students in SSBT make up the majority of student ethnicity percentage of the school.

· Is SSBT accepting students under 18?

SSBT welcomes students under 18 or students older as long as they pass the qualifications to study in SSBT.

For international students, SSBT provide care and welfare to students planning to stay in Australia and assist them throughout the process. Check Student Under 18 to be guided.

· Where are the campuses of SSBT located at?

Burwood – L4/4 Railway PDE Burwood NSW 2134

Brisbane- Level 4, 388 Queen St., Brisbane City QLD 4000

GoldCoast- Level 2 (Suite 203), 9-15 Bay St., Southport QLD 4215

· How long does it take to get a student visa?

Australian student visa usually takes 4 weeks but there are instances of delay up to 2-3 months.

In addition, you can check everything you need to comply and other relevant information about visa processing in Student Visa.

· Does SSBT offer scholarships?

As of the moment, SSBT is partnered with Zeefi to provide financial assistance to students through payment plans and student loans.

Check Student Assistance to know how to avail.

· Is SSBT a good school for international students?

90% of the students in SSBT are international students and it is no doubt because SSBT gives care to students in any means they need help from social life, settlement, accommodation, academics, counselling, travel and more.

· How can I contact SSBT?

For fast response, connect through chat on messenger by our website shortcut chat icon or visit our Facebook page

SSBT & ASG (do not forget to follow and like page to stay updated).


National Number  1800318181

International Number  +61292497800