College Agents 


How to become our Agent

SSBT may strategically approach Agents directly and invite them to become an Agent. Otherwise, prospective Agents must apply to become an authorised Agents. 

Online Application

About Written Agreements

We provide a written agreement with each education agent that is engaged to recruit students on its behalf. Written agreements will specify the responsibility of the education agent and the SSBT and the need to abide by the National Code 2018. Written agreements include monitoring arrangements, as well as performance benchmarks. A list of education agents with whom SSBT has a written agreement will be included on SSBT’s website.

Application Process

If you encounter any issues, please email our Marketing & Admissions Manager

Agent Agreements

In the event of the application being successful, an Agent Agreement shall be prepared in duplicate for execution and exchange.

Upon execution of the agreement: 

  • The Agent’s details and a copy of the signed agreement will be entered into the Agent Database 
  • The Agent’s details will be recorded on SSBT website. 

Certificate of Appointment 

Once the agreement has been executed, the Agent will be sent a Certificate of Appointment as a duly appointed and authorised representative of the University for the purpose of recruiting international students.

Agent List

Click here to view our Agent list.

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