General English

Apple’s General English program is designed with a view to:

Improving your English communication skills
Entry into the Apple EAP program
Opening doors to better employment opportunities
Travelling in Australia

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English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Apple courses are fresh, exciting and effective.

Our courses are designed to meet student learning goals and draw on our own teaching experience. Our classes are planned and delivered using communicative teaching methods and a learner-centred approach.

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IELTS Preparation

Develops the language skills and knowledge needed to successfully face the challenge of the IELTS examination helps you to gain an all-round improvement in your English proficiency

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IELTS/PTE Coaching

We guarantee you will improve your scores when you enroll 26 or more weeks and attended all sessions if not we will offer free 5 weeks with no conditions.

Apple’s IELTS/PTE Coaching Course is specially designed to target the most important skills and knowledge needed for optimum performance in the exam. *This course is for domestic students only

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