Mobile Phone


Choose from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone for a mobile network carrier with solid coverage in the cities.

There are generally two ways to secure a mobile phone:

  • on a monthly plan (including the cost of the actual mobile phone) or
  • pre-paid, no-contract deals and supply your own UNLOCKED phone. 

To go on a monthly plan and purchase the phone, many forms of ID, paying and security checks will be done, which is tricky for those just landed here. So perhaps look into the Prepaid Sim plans.

You might pick a Prepaid Sim-only Plan from the resellers Kogan, TPG, Belong, or Amaysim (from $10 monthly) or direct at Vodafone (from $30 monthly). The figure per month all depends on the data you envisage using. Some will get by with 2 GB per month and others love viewing videos and chew up 20 GB.

We do not advise using eBay or Gumtree to choose phones or Sims.