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Project management : the perfect career choice

Project management: the perfect

career choice

The perfect career choice | Project management is by far the most marketable career path. The rewards are great, and the demand for skilled project managers is on the rise than any other occupation. There’s a need for project managers in every organisation irrespective of industry.

What exactly is project management? the perfect career choice.

Project management is a practice that involves initiating, planning, organising, executing and managing resources to meet specific goals. It aims at creating and following to the end a project plan from its conception to completion.

As you plan to pursue project management, you should aim at studying at the best institution as this will give you an upper hand over others in the same profession. Sydney School of Business and Technology has courses that are designed to equip students with the required skills in the job market. But, why would you opt to study project management?

Suits a wide variety of industries

Project management is a universal profession; the skills can be taken from industry to industry. There’s greater flexibility for project managers as they are equipped with skills that are applicable to assist businesses to achieve their goals within the specified constraint.

Competitive pay

It is a fact that project management is a well-paid profession. When the money is good, there will be greater satisfaction and a need to pursue your career even further. Their capacity to execute complex projects deserves higher compensation.

Opportunity for career advancement

If you’ve chosen project management as a career, you’re probably focusing on gaining professional certification. Certified project managers earn higher salaries and stand a chance of advancing even further compared to those without any certification.

Project managers are ever learning

Project managers are ever learning to keep up with the trends in their industry. They learn about new processes, products, markets, technology, customers and even new competitors.

Deciding on a career path can be difficult, deciding where to study can be even harder. Sydney School of Business and Technology (SSBT) offers the best job-outcome focused project management course. Give us a call to speak to our career advisor, or visit for more information.

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How can a project management course help you get ahead in your career?

How can a project management course

help you get ahead in your career?

Did you know that in the next ten years the need for project managers is set to soar by up to 33%? [] In areas such as manufacturing and construction, project managers are needed to set the scope of projects, oversee each phase and ensure their team delivers. The skills obtained whilst studying project management include leadership, planning, and budgeting and are all essential in executing a project. Those able to demonstrate competency in these areas increase their chances of employment greatly.

We’re taking a look at how studying project management can help you advance in your career:

Project management is held in high regard by employers

Holding a qualification in project management will signal to employers that you possess a wide range of skills geared towards fulfilling business objectives. Many commercial projects have stakeholders to be managed, goals to meet and risks to be assessed. Learning these skills will enable you to deliver projects within a timely banner whilst sticking to a stringent budget.

Plan efficiently and set objectives

Whilst studying for your qualification in project management, you will learn how to plan out a project and set achievable goals and objectives. Taking into account resources, time, and budgets, you will also understand the importance of efficient planning, managing cost and utilising all of the resources available throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Learn leadership skills to effectively manage teams and stakeholders

Advanced communication and leadership skills will help you to manage and engage your team. Your project management course will provide you with the skills to coordinate a team, and manage stakeholders effectively. By sharpening your communication skills, you will learn how to utilise the human resources available to you by delegating responsibility and monitoring input from team members and stakeholders.

Manage resources more efficiently

Managing resources efficiently and effectively is one of the most fundamental aspects of project management. Understanding how to utilise time, finances, human and material resources will allow you to deliver a project in a timely manner and in line with a set budget, making your competencies with resources management extremely valuable to potential employers.

Whether you’re just starting out, or ready to take your career to the next level, at Sydney School of Business and Technology we’ve got a Project Management course for you.


Determining when eLearning is best for you

Determining when eLearning

is best for you


Determining when eLearning is best for you

At the Sydney School of Business and Technology, we are lucky enough to extend a variety of study options to our students, allowing people from outside of Sydney to enjoy vocational courses from the comfort of their own home. We acknowledge that this style of study doesn’t suit everybody, so let’s discuss when eLearning may prove to be an optimal choice for your circumstances, helping you decide the best educational delivery for you. ENROL NOW

Work/life balance

eLearning is easily one of the most flexible styles of education, as it allows the student to choose when and how they will process the course work, and complete the educational outcomes. Attending physical classes, structured at regular times each week, can prove challenging for those with permanent, full-time employment, those with young families, or for those with added pressures, such as acting as carers for loved ones. With increased flexibility of time, eLearning students find themselves able to study at times best suited to them, resulting in less compromise of their study and other commitments.

Location restrictions

Physical location barriers often pose problems for most rural communities, primarily due to the inner-city location of larger educational organisations such as ours. Students in remote areas or with limited access to transport are highly encouraged to take advantage of eLearning. This style of learning option benefits them immensely, allowing them to continue to live and work while studying remotely. Though most of our vocational courses require some face-to-face contact, we endeavour to limit the amount to best cater to location restrictions.

Ample access to technology

It’s virtually impossible to study online without the basic components of digital learning; these essentials include a working computer and sound internet connection, allowing the student to login to coursework and complete the educational outcomes efficiently. For the best learning ability, it’s best to have access to such technology in the home, rather than relying on resources such as a library that are only available within restricted hours.

When eLearning is best avoided

Though some of our vocational courses offer both on-campus and online learning options, eLearning isn’t always appropriate for everyone. As everyone has their learning style, each student needs to evaluate the learning method suited to them, choosing a course delivery method they can sustain and feel comfortable involving themselves in.

Why not browse our website today to find out more information?

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How to be a better entrepreneur with a marketing degree

How to be a better entrepreneur

with a marketing degree

With technology a big part of our lives today, it seems natural to pursue a qualification in it. The language of the future workplace is AI, bots, algorithm and automation. You can’t be ignorant of any of them. Having said that, there is a training and qualification that transcends time and the socioeconomic environment – marketing. In this article, we list the reasons you should consider acquiring a marketing degree.

1. Listen to be heard

The best marketers are excellent listeners. Their ability to pick out the general trend of sentiment and conversations amongst people is what distinguishes them from others in the workplace. More importantly, they can differentiate facts from noise. This is handy in the cluttered and noisy business environment companies have to operate in these days.

2. Better decision-making

Marketers are adept at joining the dots. Marrying insights and foresight, marketers are known to make decisions that others may hesitate over. It’s not just being about being creative or reliant on entrepreneurial acumen. They are trained to dive deep into the information given to them. And with the advanced analytical tools present today, they can only become better at it.

3. Be sensitive and sensible

There’s so much happening out there, change is the only constant variable. But in those changes are gems to be turned into opportunities, ideas and innovation. A good marketer takes it upon himself/herself to be aware of what’s happening in politics, society and culture – in essence, around people’s lives – not just the industry they are in. It’s their hunting ground.

4. Foster good communication

It is the marketer’s job to rally the troops behind an idea. But this can happen only if he is able to communicate and convince them of the idea, plan or strategy. As such, one of the components of marketing education is communication, more specifically communicating to be understood. Be they internal or external stakeholders, the marketer has to sell to all.

Looking at the list above, you’ll notice the universal application of marketing skills and training. With technology a central feature in marketing, the marketer has more firepower than before to make an impact in the organisation. Find out more about our marketing and communications degree program here [].


How to know if vocational training is for you

How to know if vocational training is for you

Everyone learns differently and it can be almost impossible to decide which type of study is the best for you. Of course, whether a vocational school is for you depends largely on the type of career you want to enter. There are all sorts of options open to you, be it a Childcare course, Hospitality course, Project Management course, Marketing and Communications course or Commercial Cookery course; if you are interested in something practical, vocational training may be the best choice for you.


What is the difference between vocational and higher learning?


Vocational courses tend to be significantly more practical, providing you with skills that can be directly applied to your chosen career. Higher education leans towards theory. For those of us who learn by doing, vocational courses can be an excellent alternative to coursework and written exams. Where higher learning is based upon a purely academic model, vocational courses work with the apprenticeship model.


Practical learning


We all learn in different ways, but a lot of studies have proven that many of us absorb practical learning more efficiently. Practical learning found in vocational courses will often be more flexible, varied and adaptable than many forms of higher or academic learning. Practical courses allow tutors to tailor to the individual rather than expecting everyone to absorb information in a similar manner. Many of us have had our learning style limited by the structure of school, but vocational learning can be a great way to explore your mind and your own learning methods.


Choosing a Course


Vocational training is often great for those of us who would like to enhance an already beloved hobby or skill. For example, if you love cooking and would like to move into the professional sector, Commercial Cookery may be for you. Or if you have a passion for event planning and the public sector then Hospitality or Marketing may appeal. This is also for those of us who are already in a career but would benefit from further training and qualifications. This is where courses such as Project Management or Marketing and Communication can be extremely useful. No matter your passion, you will likely find a course that suits you.

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