What Sydney School of Business and Technology’s Burwood Campus has to offer

What Sydney School of Business and

Technology’s Burwood Campus has to offer

The Sydney School of Business and Technology (SSBT) was first established in 2000 in response to the growing educational needs of students and employers in an increasingly digital world. Our main campus is just ten minutes away from the city in the lively and diverse suburb of Burwood. With great transport links, affordable accommodation and endless things to do, Burwood is an ideal suburb for students of all ages.


At our SSBT Burwood campus, our courses are designed to make you a competitive candidate in today’s tough job market. Hence our classrooms are equipped with all the key features of a modern learning environment. Bright rooms, multimedia projectors and top-notch technology make studying at our Burwood campus a truly invaluable experience. We want to make sure our students can study in peace and have access to all the resources they need to be successful. Likewise, our courses are taught by experienced, qualified and multilingual experts, so you can rest assured there’s always someone to support you in your academics.


Of course, we know university is not just about books and lectures. Making friends, forming connections and developing social skills are all valuable aspects of coming to university. The Sydney School of Business and Technology is immensely proud of our multi-cultural and diverse population. With students and staff from all over the world, studying at our Burwood campus will help you experience new cultures and broaden your horizons.


In addition, our Burwood campus features a large outdoor area where you can take in the fresh air and enjoy a barbecue with your peers. We have an outstanding recreation area where you can play a game of foosball, table tennis or just chat with your friends in a comfortable environment. Moving abroad can be a difficult and sometimes lonely experience, which is why we encourage our students to get involved in our recreation area activities to meet new people and make life-long friends.


High student satisfaction shows the Sydney School of Business and Technology Burwood continues to excel at creating a comfortable and student-driven atmosphere. Come down and see how studying at our Burwood campus will allow you to get a quality education from qualified professionals whilst making new friends and gaining practical experience in your field.

The Benefits of Studying at SSBT’s Brisbane Campus

The Benefits of Studying at SSBT’s

Brisbane Campus

Sydney School of Business and Technology has been offering quality vocational education in Sydney since 2000.

Students from all over the world choose to study vocational courses in Sydney with SSBT, including our Childcare course, Project Management course, Hospitality course, Marketing and Communication course, English course, and Commercial Cookery course.

As a proudly multi-cultural vocational education provider, we understand that many students would like to explore different parts of Australia while studying. And for those who’d like to experience the ‘Sunshine State,’ SSBT’s Brisbane Campus has a lot to offer.

SSBT’s Brisbane Campus

Located in the heart of Brisbane (Queensland’s capital city), our Brisbane campus is just 7 minutes’ walk from Central Train Station and just 8 minutes’ walk from the closest bus stop on Queen Street. So, it’s easy to get to, no matter where you choose to stay around Brisbane while you study. It also means you’re within walking distance of restaurants, shopping and Brisbane’s vibrant nightlife.

A stroll across a dedicated footbridge takes you to beautiful Southbank, the home of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and Queensland State Library. And Brisbane is your gateway to some of Queensland’s most iconic tourist destinations.

Because Brisbane is in the ‘Sunshine State,’ boasting mild winters and long, hot summers, SSBT’s Brisbane campus has a spacious dedicated outdoor area, complete with barbecues, so you can make the most of the warmer weather while spending time with your classmates.

We also have an indoor recreation area, where students come to relax, play some games or just hang out and make new friends.

As well as our state-of-the-art classrooms, our Brisbane campus has custom-designed childcare rooms, which are just like a modern childcare centre. And because we regularly host playgroup events, our Childcare students get real-life experience working with children, right here on campus.

If you choose to study the Hospitality course at our Brisbane campus, you can take advantage of our dedicated hospitality room, where you can get hands-on hospitality experience in our simulated restaurant and bar environment.

Sydney School of Business and Technology’s Brisbane Campus is a great choice for outstanding vocational education, in one of the world’s top 20 most liveable cities.

How to make the most out of studying in Sydney

How to make the most out of studying in Sydney



You could not have chosen to study in a more vibrant city in Australia than Sydney. Home to so many unmistakable landmarks, and a dynamic pulse, you have the ideal base to study vocational courses in Sydney from our CBD campus.


The CBD campus is located outside of Town Hall Station which gives you easy access to explore the city. Sydney is easy to navigate on foot, where you can head over to Circular Quay, the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Alternatively head inland to Sydney’s tranquil Hyde Park, where you can find a quiet place to study or simply wind down. If you are studying commercial cookery or a hospitality course, you may be inspired to visit one of Sydney’s famous international restaurants. You also have an array of bars and nightclubs to choose from. Sydney’s theatres, cinemas and shopping districts are also a lot of fun to navigate with your new friends and classmates.


Sydney Campus Facilities


When you do get back to the CBD campus for some study, you’ll find our classrooms are fully equipped with the latest modern learning tools. Whether you need marketing and communication resources or to do research for your English course, you’ll have access to bright rooms with comfortable furniture and spacious areas for privacy from other students. If you need equipment for a project management course presentation, you’ll have access to multimedia projectors. Or if you need to research learning tools for your childcare course you’ll find Wi-Fi in all the rooms.


Social Studies


The social aspect of your studies is an important part of the learning and development process as you move out into the world on your new career path. Therefore, our Sydney CBD campus has a recreation area with a foosball and billiards table. There’s also plenty of space to relax and talk with classmates and make new friends. At our city campus, you will meet students from all over the world. Your study is a unique opportunity to make friendships that will last a lifetime, with new and exciting people who share your skills, interests and ideas for the future.

Great reasons to study commercial cookery

Great reasons to study commercial cookery

Are you really passionate about food and cooking? Do you always want to try out new recipes or put a modern twist on traditional meals? Honing on these skills and turning your passion into a career can be a dream come true when you study commercial cookery. Here are some of the top reasons you might consider signing up for a commercial cookery course with us today.

The cooking industry is booming

Chefs and cooks are in really high demand right now. Hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses are searching hard to find qualified and skilled chefs to fill their available roles. A hospitality course or a cookery course can help you land a top job with a reputable Australian restaurant.

Career growth is achievable

Once you get your foot in the door with a commercial cookery course there is plenty of room for expansion in your career. There are so many different avenues to explore such as patisserie or even hospitality management. Discover what your passion is within the industry and follow the career path of your choice.

Work within a passionate team

A commercial kitchen buzzes with passion. You need to be ready for the challenge, but if you love being able to have flexible hours in a job you love then a commercial cookery course is the right choice for you. Students find commonality with their peers and form close bonds with workmates who share the same excitement for commercial cooking.

Turn your passion into a career

A love of food combined with an excellent commercial cookery course results in a career you can truly be passionate about. There will always be challenges and obstacles, but your training will help you to conquer these problems and continue to progress in your career. A passion for cooking and for the kitchen is the first step in enrolling in a commercial cookery course.

Remember that the most vital ingredient in beginning your cooking career is by joining the commercial cookery course available at the Sydney School of Business and Technology. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the specifics involved within our course.

Preparing for Work Placement For Your Childcare Course

Preparing for Work Placement For Your

Childcare Course

Preparing for Work Placement For Your Childcare Course

Early Childhood Education is one of the most popular and diverse fields of study we offer at SSBT, and each year we proudly support students navigating their way into the professional childcare workplace.


Before a student completes their childcare course, whether it be through our online options or at one of our beautiful campuses, they experience firsthand what it’s like to be an active employee in the childcare industry through workplace placement. However, while some students thrive in this experience, others find it daunting, and we have prepared our recommendations on how to accurately prepare for this important endeavour.


Understand the balance with your existing life


The majority of our students already experience highly diverse and active lives outside of their studies, and an extended period of work placement can be disrupting for some. During this time, it’s essential to create a balance between your short-term placement commitment, with what you have existing. This could include:


– Work Commitments – if you hold a full time or part-time job, you may need to apply for leave or reschedule your work hours accordingly

– Home Commitments – if you have children, you are a caregiver, or the every-day expectations of running a home may need reorganising to suit your altered hours

– Study Commitments – assignments, ongoing projects, and study for other coursework will still need attention during this time


Find the right centre for you


The work placement experience will be a far smoother and enjoyable one when you are working at a childcare centre that you have hand-picked, and that suits your current commitments.


With so many childcare centres spread across the country, there will no doubt be one close to you, or your work, allowing you to manage your time between your commitments better. We highly recommend you visit the childcare centre before you begin placement, to introduce yourself, tour the facility, present your resume to them, and familiarise yourself with the staff.


Understand Your Expectations


Following on from the above recommendation, visiting the childcare centre before the beginning of placement will ensure you are prepared for the centre’s expectations of you during this time.


Every centre will be different; some centres will require you to work certain hours, wear particular clothes or uniform, present yourself in a certain manner, and provide certain details about your background and medical history.


Understanding what is expected of you will ensure a smooth transition during this time, and will allow you to get the best learning and development experience.

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