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4 Top Reasons to Study Hospitality Today

4 Top Reasons to Study Hospitality Today

One of our most dynamic and popular subjects at the Sydney School of Technology is
Hospitality, a chance for enthusiastic students to explore the energetic hospitality industry
through guided learning. However, some students experience hesitation about this specific
study avenue, expressing concern for their potential career opportunities and the value of this
course. In this article, we explore why studying hospitality provides you with distinct and
diverse career prospects, and how this study vocation supports ambitions of travel and
business entrepreneurship. Here are four very good reasons to take a hospitality course.

1. Study Hospitality – Be Part of a Booming, Growth Industry

The hospitality industry is exceptionally vibrant, continuously evolving and presenting
recurrent job opportunities across Australia and the world. Studying hospitality offers
graduates multiple opportunities for immediate work, whether it be locally or in larger
establishments, such as hotel chains and world-renowned restaurants. As hospitality
employers are flooded with applications, especially during the booming periods, possessing
qualifications helps graduates stand out from the pack.

2. High Demand for Hospitality Workers During Peak Seasons

One of the major criticisms of certain industries is the lack of available work for graduates,
despite their qualifications or relevant work experience. Thankfully, hospitality is an industry
that possesses predictable peaks and troughs, with peak seasons attracting an abundance of
job opportunities at all employment levels. With such demand, it’s possible to easily move
positions, both sideways and upward, as the possibilities are continually presenting

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3. Travel and Overseas Working Potential in Hospitality Industry

Hospitality skills are universally recognised, and with the completed course, students can
travel the world using their knowledge. The advantage of this type of vocation is that you
don’t strictly need any association accreditation, or be part of a union, or governing body, to
travel with your skills. With such broad potential, students can travel the world, relocate
overseas and work comfortably with many opportunities at their disposal.

4. Business Growth for Entrepreneurs

Whether it be starting your small café in your local neighbourhood, or opening large scale
establishments. Study hospitality to help foster growth for start-ups and entrepreneurs.
Hospitality management skills are an essential component to running and expanding any
hospitality business, and are often underrated and overlooked in the start-up process. With
this knowledge, after you study hospitality, entrepreneurs can make smarter decisions about
their business, hire better-qualified staff, and expand confidently into business ownership.
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